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Once you have understood what fine furnishing is and have recognised the need for furnishing fabrcs , you now need to.....


Your Home – Design it Yourself or Get an Interior Decorator?

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Your Home – Design it Yourself or Get an Interior Decorator?

Once you have understood what fine furnishing is and have recognised the need for furnishing fabrcs, you now need to adorn your home furnishings in such material to enhance the look and feel of your abode. However, deciding how to adorn your furnishings with upholstery fabrics can become a challenge in itself. While some people hire professional interior designers to tackle this problem, others take the challenge head on themselves. Here are some things to consider before you decide whether or not you want to design your home yourself. Do you really require an interior designer?

The foremost advantage of self decorating your home is that you don’t have to pay someone else to do it. You not only save on quite a bit of money, but the decorated home also reflects your personal taste and style. The outcome is entirely a manifestation of your efforts, and your home design is not swayed by others’ suggestion. If you consider yourself to be creative, and if you have the time for it, self decorating is the way to go. However, not everyone has the time and patience to do it themselves. Neither does everyone have the same creative abilities. You may end up with a home you do not like yourself if you do not do a good job in designing it. In trying to save some money by not hiring an interior designer, you may cost yourself the satisfaction of living in a well furnished home for several years. And hence, you must only go this route if you have belief in your abilities.

Hiring an interior decorator comes with its own set of pros and cons. While the designers themselves are professionals and may have experience in designing several homes, hiring them would mean giving up control of your designing choices. The interior designer may be collaborative, but still will have a style of his/her own which will vary from yours. However, being professionals, they may also be able to give you an insight on better decorating and could possibly transform your abode into one your adore. From experience, they know which fine furnishing fabric fits best in certain conditions, they know which colour combinations fit the aura of a room, and they understand which patterns complement each other best. Although professional designers do tend to be expensive, but you save up on a lot of time and are enabled to focus your energy on other issues.

The choice of self decorating versus hiring interior decorators, while not easy, boils down to the three major considerations listed below:

1.How much time are you willing to invest in furnishing/refurnishing your home?
2.How much money are you willing to spend on it?
And, the most important –
3.How creatively inclined do you think you are, and how much do you want to be involved in designing your home?

At Rumors Fine Furnishings, we promise you that whether you want to hire an interior designer or want a self designed home, we have the right set of fabrics for all your tastes and preferences. We have designs for every occasion, every mood, and every type of room you wish to have. We hope to have helped in making a choice on whether to hire an interior decorator for your home or not. The intricately designed Rumors fabrics however, will allure to find a place for them in your homes no matter what choice you make.