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The outdoor spaces of our homes are meant for relaxation. It is a place where we often hang up our boots for the day after a tiring and exhausting day’s work.....


Remastering Your Outer Space

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Remastering Your Outer Space

The outdoor spaces of our homes are meant for relaxation. It is a place where we often hang up our boots for the day after a tiring and exhausting day’s work. It is also often a place where we invite our guests over to spend a conversational evening, or hold a mini party/ get-together. For these reasons and more, the furnishings in your outdoor space should always look comfortable and inviting. If you haven’t taken care of your outdoor space recently, your outdoor home furnishings might be looking like they are in desperate need for a makeover. Even if it has been maintained properly, it isn’t a bad idea to give your outdoor area a new look. Whether your space is big or small, these simple steps can maximize even the smallest of budgets while infusing your space with style and personality.

Consider furnishing your homes with light-weight, easy-to-move tables

Add lightweight tables and chairs with a rustic, modern, traditional or contemporary look to make add a theme to your outdoor space. You can always choose to adorn them in fine furnishing fabrics to increase their charm and appeal. When you want, you can always bring such light-weight furniture indoors and continue to make them work.

Try and maximize your space

Consider garden walls, fences and corners leaving no area overlooked. Adding planters and wall art in unexpected places allows the eye to wonder. The addition of decorative cork, curry bush, grasses and sculpted balls can help create an organic vibe and play up your outdoor space.

Add colour, texture and comfort with new cushions, pillows and blankets

It is a good idea to add more colour and flavour to the wide spaces to go along with furniture, fences, wall art, etc that you have already decorated your outdoor area in. Pillows and cushions with the right upholstery fabrics can add life to the outdoor living area. Warm and relaxing colours would be ideal to add to this.

Personalise it with finishing touches you love

What better than to have an outdoor space that speaks of your personality. Add some decorative pieces that define you and some personal images/ images with friends to make the space more comfortable and friendly.

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