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A Living Room is one of the most important areas of your home. It is the often .....


Do It Yourself Living Room

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Do It Yourself Living Room

A Living Room is one of the most important areas of your home. It is the often the place where casual visitors sit and spend some time with you at your home, and thus your living room is an area of your home which leaves a lasting impact on people who visit it. It becomes important therefore, that you not only decorate your living room in top-notch fabrics and designs to make it it look elegant and graceful, but you must also try and ensure your living room speaks of your personality.

In modern fine furnishings, it has become imperative for the furnishings to convey a message, a theme or display a certain ambiance along with looking beautiful. If your home furnishings do not leave a stamp of your personal nature, there remains no difference between the furnishings of your home versus any other. In order for you to make your furnishings speak your personality, an important step could be to decorate your home yourself.

Decorating one’s home oneself is known as Do It Yourself Furnishing, or simply DIY. DIY is an efficient and cost effective way of designing your home. Instead of paying a significant amount to an interior designer to do this, you will be decorating your home yourself, and thereby it is highly probable you will save on certain costs. Another important thing is that you're in control: you make all the decisions, you control the look and feel of the room, you do the shopping and selecting, you make all the creative choices and this makes a lot of difference. You can personally check the designs and fabrics to be used; you can evaluate the pros and cons yourself, and are not swayed by the choices of someone else. The most important point is there's a certain amount of satisfaction in having done something by yourself, and it’s an achievement you will never forget.

While DIY also has its own cons, it is important to remember that by doing it yourself, you are decorating your own home. The amount of care you put into designing it yourself, cannot be paralleled. However, it is true that while trying to decorate your home yourself, you miss out on access to certain furnishing fabrics which only interior designers have access to. Certain fabrics are generally reserved for those interior designers who have a strong relationship with the vendors. This may be a problem while you dealing with other corporate houses, but not when you buy upholstery fabrics from Rumors Fine Furnishings.

Rumors Fine Furnishings not only boasts of a range of fabric designs catering to various tastes and preferences, but we have our entire range of fabrics listed online. The Rumors fabrics you see online are the ones available. We don’t differentiate between customers designing homes in the DIY way, or through interior designers. Our aim to be able to give you the right fabrics for your homes. With an ever-growing range of fabric designs made to go along with the different personalities of our customers, at Rumors Fine Furnishings we endeavour to create such beautiful fabrics that you are enamoured to find a place for our collection in your home.